Totally Floored Inc. was founded with one simple principle- Be the best. Our company always takes every extra step to ensure your hardwood floor is beautiful and everlasting. We are dedicated to learning more up to date practices to make your floors simply better. Most hardwood flooring companies are stuck somewhere in the past, using out of date techniques and equipment because they give proven mediocre results. We have developed new techniques that give your floor a better look, better feel, and longer life.   

Our Story

Eric Wolffram the President of Totally Floored Inc. started in the hardwood flooring industry while attending Xavier University. Upon graduating with a business degree, he couldn't imagine finding a career more rewarding, challenging, or intriguing. "I love the hands on aspect of the hardwood flooring industry almost as much as I love the customers and exceeding their desires"- Eric (President of Totally Floored Inc). Working his way up to management, he could see the overall mindset in his industry- good enough. Understanding business operations Eric embarked on a new enterprise; one founded on the principal of continuous improvement. "If a business will ever succeed at being the best,the president and every employee needs to be striving to make a better product, provide better service, and overwhelm every customers expectation"- Eric (President Totally Floored Inc.)