Installation of a new hardwood floor is an incredible upgrade to any room! Generally we install ¾” solid hardwood flooring, with sanding and finishing performed on site. This offers the best selection, looks much better than a pre-finished hardwood floor, and can last for decades. There’s much more important aspects to a hardwood floor than simply price. Cheaper floors are glued together (like plywood) with a very thin layer of wood on top. These floors are notorious for delaminating (coming apart), and can never be sanded. Sure they are 2/3 of the price of a custom floor; however in 5 years you might be tearing the floor out and replacing.  

                Selecting the proper species, size, and grade of hardwood flooring is very important to your satisfaction. We give free in home consultations to make sure we select the proper flooring for your look and lifestyle. Most hardwood flooring is white oak or red oak; this is for good reason as it is very durable, has a look that most people like, is readily available, and takes stain very well.  Grading can take a floor from very classy (clear grade) to very rustic (#2 common grade). Once we meet in your home, we offer to make custom samples, to ensure our floor will meet your desires!


                Our refinishing service will make old worn out floors look beautiful again! We have worked very hard to come up with a refinishing process that leaves your floor flat, beautiful, even in stain color, and durable for many years.


                All furniture, appliances, window treatments, pictures, and anything else that’s easily moved should be removed from the area being refinished.


                Refinishing hardwood flooring is a dusty process. We have two options for dust containment. The first is to simply hand plastic at doorways and use traditional sanding equipment. This process makes sense if there is other work that creates dust (such as drywall), or if staying within a budget is a concern. For a small fee we can use our dustless vacuum system and better design equipment that can collect over 96% of the dust generated. This means you will come home and be ready to occupy your rooms with little or no cleaning. 

                We offer custom stain matching, that’s second to none! We custom mix stain colors on most floors, and can tweak the color as we urethane! This tweaking allows us to approach the color from the light side ensuring we get very close to the other floors in your home. Most of the time someone who walks in your home will never suspect one floor was completed at a different time. We also offer a color option that is very dark! It does require some additional expense on your part but is beautiful and as durable as regular stain options.


                Your newly refinished floor can generally be walked on in sock feet the following day. Remember your floor takes up to 28 days to completely harden. We ask that you wait three days to move furniture and ask that you put felt pads on all furniture before placing it on the floor. Keep the floor free of debris by sweeping or vacuuming as often as needed.


                After your floor starts to wear, and before it is wore out recoating is a great option to prolong life! At 1/3 the cost of refinishing, no dust, and one day of inconvenience recoating is a smart investment. It restores your floors urethane to original levels and give you years of wear again! This fixes minor scratches, and dull spots as well! It’s very important to recoat your floor before you have any excessive wear!

Repairs/Touch Ups

                The quality of repairs generally depends on three things, the quality of the sanding, ability to match the color, and ability to get the finish to blend into the existing flooring .  This requires; skill, attention to detail, and willingness to persevere. Someone that walks into your home should never know that a flooring repair was done! We cannot always make them disappear however most will never see the repair!